Avis De Recherche Arlong wanted

Avis De Recherche Arlong wanted


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If you loved the fish man arc, this Arlong Wanted Wanted Notice will bring back fond memories.

Arlong is a fish man inspired by a saw shark. He is a ruthless pirate from East Blue who plunders entire villages. When we meet him in Luffy’s adventures, they are enemies because Luffy wants Nami to join his crew, which Arlong refuses. After Luffy discovers that Arlong killed Nami’s mother and forcibly enlisted her to draw maps for him, he decides to save her and defeat Arlong for good to ease the burden of his friend, who is trying to save her village from the tyrant.

Did you like Arlong’s battle with Luffy where Nami’s future is at stake? Show it with this BOLO for the death or capture of the terrible fish man.

Arlong is the first fish man we come across during Luffy’s adventure, and he has a great hatred for humans because the fish men were slaves to the Tenryubito, nobles that no one can touch or else it will start an all-out war and the annihilation of the island on which this act was committed. Arlong’s head is worth 20 million Berry.

If you’re into big numbers, this Vista wanted notice will delight you.

One Piece Wanted Arlong Poster Information

  • One Piece Wanted: True One Piece Universe Wanted for Real Pirates
  • Arlong’s Award: 20,000,000 Berrys
    • High Quality Printing: true colors
    • Size: 51 cmx 36 cm
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