Wanted Kuma Search Notice

Wanted Kuma Search Notice


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Give your room decor a new lease on life with this Kuma Wanted Wanted Notice.

Take advantage of this poster about the bounty awarded for the capture or death of Kuma to give your room or office decor a new lease on life. Kuma is a character who especially stood out in the first part of One Piece, as he is a Shichibukai, a special status because it means he is a pirate who has duties to the Navy and the World Government.

Kuma makes several prominent appearances during Luffy’s adventure, including in Sabaody, where he easily defeats all the Mugiwaras. He is a character whose motivations are difficult to know, since he is a former revolutionary who agreed to be transformed into a cyborg by the greatest scientist who is at the order of the Navy, Vegapunk, to be transformed into a weapon of war to be used against the other pirates.

Proudly display at home the handsome bounty of the former Revolutionary, Kuma.

In fact, Bartholemew Kuma’s head is worth 296 million Berrys, which is a tidy sum in the One Piece manga universe. The holder of the Nikyu Nikyu no mi is a mysterious and very powerful character whose true motives everyone would like to know.

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One Piece Wanted Bartholomew Kuma Poster Information

  • One Piece Wanted Poster: True One Piece Universe Wanted Poster for Real Pirates
  • Bartholomew Kuma’s Prize: 296,000,000 Berrys
  • High Quality Printing: true colors
  • Size: 51 cm x 36 cm
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