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Wanted Search Notice Crocodile
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Wanted Search Notice Crocodile


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Do you particularly like the Alabasta arc? If so, this Crocodile Wanted Wanted Notice is going to make you happy.

Crocodile is one of the most charismatic and beloved antagonists in One Piece. He has eaten the demon fruit of Suna Suna no mi which allows him to transform into a sandman and control the sand as he wishes. He is a Shichibukai who takes advantage of his status to not be bothered by the Navy and to make his “Dance Powder” traffic to earn maximum money. This one allows, when shot on a cloud, to make the rain fall.

This results in drying up the country since the clouds no longer reach the whole country and allows Crocodile to control the population by controlling the water. This is how he gained control of the country, creating a civil war against the former king of Alabasta.

Decorate your room with this bounty on the head of one of the best villains before the ellipse, Crocodile.

He’s the head of the Baroque Works, a criminal organization that incidentally includes Nico Robin under the alias Miss Allsunday and Nefertari Vivi, who is the princess of Alabasta and has infiltrated Baroque Works to bring Crocodile down. Crocodile will cross paths with Luffy, who, along with Princess Nefertari Vivi, will bring Crocodile down by defeating him. Crocodile has a bounty on his head of 81 million Berry.

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