Wanted search notice God Usopp

Wanted search notice God Usopp


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If you prefer sharpshooters among pirates than sheer force, this God Usopp Wanted Notice is for you.

Usopp is a pirate who is thesniper of the Mugiwaras crew. His first name comes from “lie” in Japanese as when he was a kid, he loved to tell lies to his mother and the villagers to tell about his adventures, which delighted his mother, but annoyed the villagers.

His dream is to become a great pirate, and also to go to an island populated only by giants. He shoots projectiles with a catapult, which, after the ellipsis, is larger to have a greater range.

Show how much you like Usopp with this epic Wanted notice.

Here we’re talking about God Ussop, that is, Ussop in a very particular context. In Dressrosa, after he lied to the Tontattas, they decided to make Usopp their hero by calling him Ussoland and taking him for a god. Afterwards, the Tontattas will rebel and cause great trouble for Doflamingo, who will organize a manhunt with God Usopp having the biggest bounty on his head.

God Usopp has a bounty to his name of 200 million Berry.

How about creating a collection for yourself with the bounties? In that case, you must have this


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