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Wanted Search Notice Zeff
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Wanted Search Notice Zeff


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Decorate your office with a poster of an endearing man from your favorite manga. This Zeff Wanted Wanted Notice is perfect for those who loved the Baratie arc.

Red-footed Zeff is the chef of the restaurant that is a ship, the Baratie. He is a man with a long braided mustache who is Sanji’s mentor. You can tell that they have a true father-son relationship and Sanji will always be grateful to him. When we compare the nicknames of these two characters, Sanji the Black Leg and Zeff with Red Feet, we understand that it was Zeff who taught Sanji his fighting style and that he fights with his feet so as not to hurt his hand, because hands are made for cooking according to him.

Show how strong your passion for One piece is with this Wanted notice of a sympathetic character.

Before holding the Baratie, Zeff’s ship sank after a storm and Zeff was the only survivor on a deserted island with Sanji, whom he saved from drowning. He goes to give the little food in a bag to Sanji by making him believe that he split what he had in food into half each, but when Sanji, starving hesitates to steal his bag, he realizes that there was nothing in it and that he ate his leg to survive.

His prize is at 60 million Berrys.

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One Piece Wanted Zeff Poster Information

  • One Piece Wanted Notice: True One Piece Universe Wanted Notice for Real Pirates
  • Zeff’s Bonus: 60,000,000 Berrys
    • High Quality Printing: true colors
    • Size: 30 cm x 21 cm and 42 cm x 30 cm


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